Custom Orders, Gifts and Collaborations


I love doing Custom Orders.

Do you have an upcoming event and need doorprizes, or giveaways? Gift bag items? I can do smaller sets with any amount you choose. 

Will you or a friend be working on a large project and need extra markers? This is especially good for working lots of cables.

Do you have a favorite color combination?

Have a friend who you want to pamper?

Email me.

Want to do a combo kit? I'm able to work with you to match project bags, a new knitting pattern design or indie yarn kit.

Let's collaborate!




I will happily ship straight to a giftee, as well as include a personalized card - you tell me the occasion and what you'd like the card to say. This includes how you'd like me to address the card (e.g.: Dear Whozits...Love and Sparkles, Whatshername).

Leave me the information in the Note section at Checkout.