About Me

Once upon a time, there was a Burlesque dancer named Droopy Sparkles. Her costume was made out of thousands of Swarovski crystals, and BOY did she flash them! 

In her down time, and between dance numbers, she would sit with her fellow performers and they would all knit, crochet, spin, and LAUGH!!

Occasionally a crystal would fall off of her costume and she would turn it into a stitch marker. She'd gift them to everyone she met.

Her husband (Tango Papa) was quite the woodworker, and he decided to use his skills to make her beautiful bowls - some small enough to just hold a few sets of stitch markers, and some large enough to hold a wallet full of dollar bills.

When the time came to hang up her sparkles - because really, her costumes were almost bare - she decided to move on to a bright, sparkly future.

As she walked out of the club for the last time, she shouted "Remember to always FLASH YOUR SPARKLES!!!".

And the rest is (fictional) history.

Now she's contemplating new things & dusting off her sewing machine. "No more spandex, but something exciting!", she whispered. No more grocery bags to hold her knitting! She envisioned small (enough to hold a skein or a g-string) and large (a sweater-to-be?) bags.

Her husband started churning out seam rippers on his lathe. "No wife of mine will ever use plastic tools!"

I hope you enjoy my droopy sparkles, beautiful handmade bowls, smooth to the touch seam rippers, and a bag or two. They are truly "jewelry for your fiber arts, and more".